Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cups: Say No More.

Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cups: Say No More.


Let’s just set this straight.. you CANNOT go wrong with a combination of chocolate and peanut butter, ever.

With that out of the way, let’s dip our toes tongues into some delicious swirls of peanut butter and chocolate.

For these peanut buttery cups, you will need just a few ingredients:

  • Peanut Butter (Or any Nut/Seed butter you prefer)
  • Chocolate (the Vegan kind)
  • Just a smidge of Coconut Oil (to keep everything together, and then melt in your mouth)
  • Protein Powder (If you want a bit more sustenance– these are already guilt-free!)

First, let’s break these ingredients down further– really get into all the goodness!

Let’s Just Call it Nut-Butter

*Disclaimer: I honestly love all nut/seed butters*

….if price wasn’t in the equation, my favorite nut butter would be:

  1. Cashew Butter (so creamy)

Since price is in the equation (unless you won a lifetime of free groceries, then I’m jealous), my top 3 are:

  1. Sunflower Butter (creamy and so flavorful)
  2. Peanut Butter (fresh ground, of course)
  3. Almond Butter (again, fresh ground– delish!)


These benefits will vary slightly, depending on which specific nut butter you choose, but all have amazing benefits when consumed without added sugars or unnatural oils.

  • Excellent source of healthy fat
  • Abundant in nutrients like
    • protein
    • fiber
    • phytochemicals
    • vitamins & minerals

Allergies? No problem!

If you have a nut allergy, try seed (sunflower, pumpkin, etc) butters. If you can’t have either– try soy butter! It is similar in taste to peanut butter, but no EPI pen is needed.

Pass Me the Chocolate

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate can be very good for you! When I say Chocolate, I mean Chocolate– from the cacao bean and either not sweetened or only sweetened with Stevia. (Sorry, a kit-kat bar is not included in this category).


  • Very nutritious– containing fiber, iron, magnesium, copper and more.
  • Heart health– lowers cholesterol, also shown to lower blood pressure
  • Skin health– the flavanols in chocolate aid in blood flow to the skin

My all time favorite brand of chocolate when I want something sweet is Lily’s. Lily’s sweetens their chocolate with Stevia, so no added sugar. This is the brand I use in this recipe!

Coconut Oil, It’s all the Rage!

I rarely consume any oils, but if I do, I opt for coconut oil. I like the consistency and the taste of coconut oil over others.


  • Loaded with saturated fats, which help to lower cholesterol
  • Those saturated fats also have anti-bacterial properties
  • Lower cholesterol = better heart health

Protein Powder, Make Me Strong

Protein powder is an excellent way of supplementing your diet when needed. I say when needed, because much of what we consume has protein in it (even if it is small quantities) and it isn’t always necessary to go overboard with protein.

The one time I enjoy sprinkling in a little protein powder is when I make these delicious treats. The chocolate and peanut butter are a no-brainer energy duo, the added protein powder really makes these peanut butter cups pack a nutritious punch– perfect for a day of hiking.


  • Besides delivering you with “clean” protein, you are helping the environment by not buying animal protein
  • Great dose of fiber (plants have loads of fiber!)



Hide These, or You Will Eat Them All!

When Erik and I are hiking we like to make extra large ones to devour on the trail, but when we are eating them leisurely I like to keep them in a container of sorts and store them in the freezer. The coconut oil in the chocolate will allow for these babies to melt in your mouth pretty soon after being retrieved.

I also think that the freezer gets opened less than the refrigerator so you may be less inclined to eat one, or three every time you go near them.

Most of all enjoy the good food you have!

Happy PB-cupping,


Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cups

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
1 hr
Total Time15 mins
Course: Dessert
Servings: 24


  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 cups Lily's Chocolate Chip or any Vegan Chocolate
  • 0.5 scoop Vegan Protein Powder Sunwarrior, Garden of Life, etc


  • Add chocolate chips and coconut oil to pan, set heat to Low
  • Combine peanut butter, protein powder and maple syrup, mix until smooth
  • Spoon 0.5 tbsp of melted chocolate into a small muffin tin (I'm using a 24 cup silicone pan)
  • Spoon 0.5 tbsp of peanut butter on top of chocolate
  • Top with remaining chocolate
  • Pat down top of peanut butter cup to make smooth
  • Freeze for 1 hour
  • Enjoy, Store leftovers in fridge or freezer

20 thoughts on “Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cups: Say No More.”

  • So wow what a great idea – health and delicious all rolled into a gooey treat to die for!  I would definitely not use peanutbutter but maybe an almond butter.  The more I’m reading about peanuts, I’m not sure they are the right choice for health.  I would use a dark chocolate (the darker the better), and coconut oil is so healthy and wonderful!  Does the protein powder have a taste?  I think adding that would give it that nutritional boost, like you say.  I cannot wait to try these!  Ohh la la!  Just wanted to pop in and thank you for sharing this!  I’ll let you know when I make them how they came out!

    • Hey Babsie!

      Thanks for stopping in! I love peanut butter, and it is definitely the easiest on the wallet! You can absolutely use any kind of “butter” you want though– almost too many options!

      The protein powder can be unflavored or flavored! It really depends on what you fancy! I usually use vanilla and it makes it very creamy and delicious. 

      Yes- please let me know when you make them! I am excited to hear!


  • Just by reading the article and looking at the picture of your Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cup, I can’t help but salivate! Just like you I am a Vegan too. Or, should we say, a “lacto-ovo type of vegetarian” who doesn’t eat meat and fishes but consume milk and eggs. This Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Cup will make a good companion for my coffee as I love drinking coffee while working on my computer. I just wonder, how do you cook this stuff? Oven or frying pan?

    • Hey there!

      Very interesting on your diet– love hearing about how others choose to eat. Any particular reason you decided to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian!?

      Yes I melt the chocolate and coconut oil on a stove burner. If you watch my short little video it will give you a very nice demonstration of it!

      Definitely make these, they will make your coffee taste even better!

      Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!


  • ohh! This is a lovely piece! Oh how I wish i can try this on my own. I am sure this would taste nice especially using peanut butter. But I think my wife prefers cashew butter to it, It is what she uses most times. I will definitely bookmark this article to show to my wife.  She has to try this out..smiles! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Yes! I also indicated cashew butter is my favorite of all the nut butters– it is just very pricey so I wanted to offer all sorts of suggestions for people to try!

      I am very confident that these will be a favorite in your household!

      Thanks for reading,


  • thank you for this excellent and healthy recipe personally I am a lover of chocolate and coconut and with this recipe I will be able to mix two of my favorite ingredients and it seems easy to prepare, I definitely give it a try.

    My question is can I change the peanut Butter for something else since I’m not so big on peanut Butter? Hopefully you can give me a substitute. If not maybe I can reduce the amount of peanut Butter.

    Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

    • Absolutely! That is the fun part about this recipe is that you can make it your own! I wanted to call it nut butter cups, but decided to go with the traditional peanut butter cups that everyone is used to (and loves?). You can see in the post the other nut butters, seed butters and soy butter that I suggest!

      Just to reference you can use almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter, hazelnut butter, etc. 

      Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy making these!


  • This is a great article! I love your expository skill!I love Coconut in any form: in cake, ice cream, bread and so on. I will try this out, it seems easy to prepare.Thank you for sharing this recipe, I have bookmarked your site for reference.Would you share more Coconut recipes? I love anything coconut!

    • Oh I am so glad it was easy for you to follow along! 

      I am new to the video making and plan on making that an even bigger part of my blog.

      I will absolutely conjure up some coconut recipes for you! Stay tuned!


  • Good morning, Ciara. What an eyeopener to start my day off by reading your post on Chocolate Nut Butter Cups. I hope you don’t mind my re-naming your sweet concoction. Chocolate is my first love. Nuts- not so much. I’m glad you took in consideration those who have an allergy to nuts, and gave so many variations to your recipe. I also like that you use real chocolate-my first love is so-called dark chocolate – just barely sweetened. 

    I am not a vegan, but I do appreciate that we humans eat too much meat. I try to stay with more salad, veggies and pasta. But, I admit I still like a hamburger once in a while. We all need to expand our horizons in our diet choices and you give a good argument for more natural food choices. A vegan diet can be a very healthful diet  and I am glad you are presenting very appealing choices to those who read your articles. I also like that you present the recipe, so that we can all try out new things. Thanks for an appetizing read.

    • Hey Barbara!

      I am completely fine with you renaming this concoction! It is delicious no matter how you decide to mess around with it– that’s the fun part about recipes anyways, right? The part where you get to make it your own!

      Thank you for being open about our diets. I like to provide alternatives for people to try. It all starts with making the vegan diet, appealing– allowing people to see that vegan food does not have to be bland or boring. It is just the same, but without meat products. 

      It all takes time to get to a certain point and I am just so glad you enjoyed this post!

      Thank you for taking the time to read,


  • While I am not 100% vegan, I enjoy many vegan recipes, and I have shown the Peanut butter cup recipe to my wife along with the Avocado chocolate mousse.  We are going to try both for a small group get together. They will certainly enjoy. Please let me know when you have breakfast and dinner recipes to try. Everything looked so good. 

    • Oh Bill- that is so nice of you to say! I think they will be a big hit with your guests!

      I have a few very delicious dinner recipes in the works as we speak!

      Stay tuned, and thanks for having such an open mind and heart!


  • Hi Ciara, Peanut butter is a very useful thing for health. When I was reading this post my mouth became watery… Lol. Delicious recipe with healthy beneficial ingredients, without any animal products. I will try this out.Thanks for sharing this protein peanut buttery cups post with a nice video. Hope to read more articles about healthy vegan recipes. I hope to hear from you soon.With best compliments, Ranao

  • Great tips for what you can use when you have an allergy or price wise to keep the cost down. After reading this I will surely try this even though I am not an vegan, but a health conscious person. As a metabolic health coach I am for sure watching my nutrition and this is something I can recommend to my clients.

  • Hi, Ciara, 


    I’ve been a lover of dark (70%+) chocolate for as long as I can remember.  Probably since I was a kid (70 now) when I remember snitching some of my moms baking chocolate from time to time 🙁 and when I married my wife 23 years ago she was a milk 🙁 chocolate lover but I soon converted her and she loves dark more now.

    I like the idea of peanut butter cups. In fact, I have been known to snack on a Reeses from time to time but they are too sweet.  So… the idea of making my own with dark chocolate and with these ingredients, I might just have to make some real soon.

    We already use some of these ingredients in our everyday foods.  I use vegan protein powder in my morning smoothies and occasionally I will add some coconut oil.  My wife and I just started using coconut oil a short time ago as well as other things like chia seeds sunflower seeds (me too).

    We eat pretty healthily and this just seems like something HEALTHY  we can add as a treat once in a while.  We can pretend it’s a sneaky treat and the benefits of the ingredients will make it OK.

    I know that they are homemade but, would you have any idea at all what the calorie count might be?

    Thanks, so much for this tasty treat that’s healthy for us at the same time.


    • Hey Wayne!

      I applaud you for liking baker’s chocolate even as a kid! I too, am a huge fan of dark, dark chocolate and rarely pass up the opportunity of eating some!

      The calorie count would be about 70 per pb cup! I usually say 2 is a well deserved treat!

      I love hearing about your life and am so happy you and your wife share an interest in healthy eating. 

      Please let me know when/if you try these, I am very curious to know your thoughts!

      Thanks for stopping in!


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