The Benefits of Celery Juice

The Benefits of Celery Juice

Celery Juice– while it may sound unappealing by itself, celery juice has incredible health benefits and I assure you that you will fall in love with the flavor and freshness of it all!

With all the healing properties celery juice has, it can easily be the ‘Ultimate Superfood’.

How did I hear about this?

Just Celery Juice

I first heard of drinking celery juice from the Medical Medium, Anthony William. I had read that celery juice was a miracle “drug” and I needed to know more. I always juiced celery into my green juices, but never by itself!

After much research, I learned of all the amazing healing properties that celery juice contained. I completed the Medical Medium cleanse in hopes to balance my hormones, and part of the protocol was to drink celery juice every morning to cleanse the liver. Cleansing the liver is important as the liver helps with digestion, creates proteins for the body and rids the body of waste. If you liver is ‘dirty’ (as most peoples’ are) then you are not living your best, fulfilling life.

Let’s discuss a few of those amazing benefits now!

Can Celery Juice Heal All?

There are numerous health benefits to drinking celery juice– probably too many to fit into one post, so I will touch up on some of the most powerful ones.

Celery– washed and cut, ready to go!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Celery juice calms inflammation in the body. This is exceptionally helpful for those who have autoimmune diseases; Lyme disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, diabetes, acne, vertigo and celiac disease– just to name a few!

Balances Your Body’s pH

Why is this important? Well in order to digest foods properly, your body needs to have the helpful hydrochloric acid to break down the foods, otherwise the food will sit in your intestines in a “rotten” stage and create bad acids in your body.

Purifies The Blood Stream

The sodium from the celery keeps our blood from becoming too thick, which in turn improves blood pressure, and blood flow. Celery is rich in Vitamin A, C, iron and magnesium. This is vital for red blood cell nourishment and repair– and will help those suffering from high blood pressure, anemia, and arthritis.

Packed With Fiber

Celery contains an abundance of fiber– 2 grams for every cup. Fiber not only helps you have a full bowel movement, but it also controls the absorption of sugar in the blood, which aids in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Yes, you will lose some of that fiber as you juice the celery, but you will still be filled adequately with fiber– don’t worry.

When & How Should I Drink It?

You can drink celery juice any time of the day (the more, the merrier), but to get the best results you should drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

There are two ways of making celery juice:

1. With a juicer. I usually juice 1.5 bunches of celery for my juice (makes about 16oz).

2. With a blender. After you blend you can use a filter of choice (Cheesecloth, strainer) to remove excess pulp.

Enjoying my 16 oz of celery juice


Drink Celery Juice– Lead Happier, Healthier Life

It seems pretty simple, and for once IT IS!

Celery is cheap, easy to wash and juice and even easier to consume. Give yourself a bit of time to get used to the taste, especially if you are used to rich and bold flavors. (Buy organic celery whenever possible!)

You will feel hydrated, energized and satiated after it– and it won’t take long to feel the incredible benefits of drinking it.

Have fun & Celery juice on!




8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Celery Juice”

  • This is a really interesting post.  I would have never thought that Celery was a miracle food.  The juice actually looks yummy.  

    As someone with an autoimmune type disease that has also gone through  Chemo, my body can use some cleansing.  I think I am going to give it a try.  Thanks for sharing this information.

    • I really enjoy celery juice. It is sweet to me, but I do not have processed sugar in my diet so my taste buds are very pure! I highly recommend organic celery as it is the best quality and tastes equally superb!

      I would also like to recommend a book to you by the Medical Medium– called Liver Rescue. I think you would gain a lot of knowledge reading it. I wish you so much luck with your health– sending healing vibes your way!


  • While I am pretty sure it is good, I myself have found it hard to enjoy it because of how bitter the taste can be. Is it possible to add some sweetness from fruits to it at first and transition out of it later? Mentally, I don’t think I can handle drinking celery juice by itself.

    • If you can find organic celery, the taste should be more sweet than bitter. 

      While the benefits are much more heightened when drank on its own, if you must add other fruits or veggies to transition then do it! You will still be acquiring loads of benefits from it!

      Hope this helps and good luck with your juicing!


  • Hi Admin! Thanks for your article on benefits of celery juice. To be sincere, I have never heard of celery juice except through your article. Wow! It really has so many health benefits, especially the fact that it is packed with fiber, it therefore means that it can help in reducing weight gain as the fibre will make one feel filled which helps in cutting down food intake. 

    Thanks for your article, I will definitely try it out.

    • Exactly Gracen!

      I usually drink mine on an empty stomach and then eat my breakfast about an hour later. I have seen major differences in my monthly menstrual cycle (pain is minimal), and my skin has gotten softer! 

      I highly recommend- let me know what you think!

      Thanks for reading,


  • Hello Ciara, 

    This is actually my first time of hearing about Celery juice and it has gotten my attention considering the health benefits that it comes with which makes it worth trying. Since it helps in the prevention of type 2 Diabetes, can’t it help to control the sugar levels of Diabetic person of any level? I’ve got a Professor of mine whom I would like to recommend it to but before that, I have to give it a try myself. 

    Also, I hope the taste of the Celery is not bitter and want to know whether one can add flavour to the juice? Thanks for this great information.

    • Hey there!

      Yes, celery juice has proven to help balance blood sugars. Celery juice has so many benefits– too many to mention. I have never read anyone having reverse reactions to drinking celery juice, only benefits!

      As for taste– if your diet is full of processed foods, salty foods and/or sugary foods then it will take a little time to acclimate to the taste of celery juice, but in order to receive full benefits it must be drank solo. If you add other fruits and/or veggies it will take away from the pure benefits, and live cleansing benefits of the celery. With that said, if you must do this in order to get adjusted, then do it! Having more fruits and veggies in your diet can only help, not hurt!

      Thanks for reading and asking wonderful questions!


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