Misfits Market Review: Produce Delivered to You!

Misfits Market Review: Produce Delivered to You!

Ever since our local produce market closed, I have searched high and low to support an organization that catered to the “ugly or imperfect produce” of the world. This was important to me because this produce is often deemed unmarketable and tossed. What a shame.

It was difficult to find such company that delivered to the North East; New Hampshire, more specifically– that is, until I stumbled upon Misfits Market.

Misfits Market had recently expanded into New Hampshire and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Boy– am I glad I did! With an initial coupon code for 25% off, my first Madness box (the big one) came for just $23.80! That is 20 pounds of produce for only $23.80. I may sound like an infomercial, but dang, I was/am excited!

Let me tell you more!

How it Works

Misfit Market sends you organic produce:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • One-time purchase (no continued discount with this option)

You can amend your order as often as you would like, and choose the precise day you would like your produce delivered!

My link: http://misfitsmarket.refr.cc/ciarag to get you 25% off your first box! Once you become acquainted with Misfits Market and want to promote their products you too will receive money off of your boxes– how giving!

Your Box Options

You have two box options:

The Mischief Box: 10-12 pounds of organic produce

  • Recommended serving 2 people/week (Unless you are Erik and I!)
  • Great starter box

The Madness Box: 18-20 pounds of organic produce

  • Recommended to serve 4-5 people/week
  • More variety in this box

What To Expect in Your Boxes

The brilliant aspect of this produce company is the fact they are shipping produce that is in season! Everything tastes amazing and fresh.

The list goes a little something like this (but not limited to):

  • Apples, pears and peaches
  • Mangoes, pineapples and ginger
  • Onion, garlic and cilantro
  • Butternut, buttercup and delicata squash
  • Sweet potato, red potato and yellow potato
  • Avocado, oranges and carrot
  • Bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini
  • Artichokes, celery root and lettuce

The list will go on as the different seasons approach.


There are just two things that would make this produce haul better:

  1. Less plastic
    1. Misfits tries to send the packaging in biodegradable or recyclable material as much as possible
    2. Lettuce is usually shipped in a hard plastic container or bag
    3. Blueberries are often shipped in hard plastic containers as well
  2. Pick & Choose Options
    1. There are many fruits/veggies that people don’t like or maybe can’t have.
    2. There should be an option to exclude certain produce

Those are really the only two improvements I can see so far, the only real complaints I have seen from other people interested in buying too.

Misfits Market Earns an A

To receive organic produce right to my door is such a delight. I do not have the best access to organic produce and I currently rent and have very little space to grow my own.

If I go away on vacation, I know I can defer my shipment for a week or more so nothing goes to waste! I could even stop my subscription and then sign up again later at any time.

I have always had a soft spot for all the single bananas in the grocery store or that special apple that has a little extra going on. I love my produce imperfectly perfect.

If you have any questions whatsoever about my experience with Misfits, please feel free to reach out to me or comment below!

…and in the meantime,

Happy Vegging,


4 thoughts on “Misfits Market Review: Produce Delivered to You!”

  • I admire the advocacy of this company especially with the goal of having people enjoy nutritious food. It was my dream before to have a business like this, but unfortunately, that remains a dream up to this day. So, when I read about this Misfits Market, I am so impressed. 

    By the way, in what country is this company based? Do they deliver internationally?

    • That is a very incredible dream to have! I sure hope you still pursue it!

      This company is based out of the US and currently only shipping to US states (not even all 50 yet!). I hope they do open this up soon!

      Thanks for reading,


  • I like this idea of getting it delivered right to me!  I try to buy organic when ever I can, but I don’t have many options either.  I did go to the website and it seems pretty reasonable price wise.  My only concern would be that I don’t like everything.   So what if half of my box is filled with things I don’t like?  Is there anyway to tell them what you don’t want in your box?  That would be ideal for me 🙂

    • I agree– I wish there was a prompt to tell them you didn’t like squash or onions, etc. Unfortunately, at this time there is no option like that.

      This company is fairly new still, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for those who want to be selective with their boxes, that they will make this an option for all!

      Thanks for reading,


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