How to Make your Own Oat Milk

How to Make your Own Oat Milk

I’ve never seriously plunged into the world of making my own milks, which is surprising as I consume nut milk daily. I always had this notion that it was too expensive to make (and for some nuts, it certainly can be). When I came upon making oat milk, I was sold– oats are cheap and creamy, who wouldn’t like it?

The most beautiful thing about oat milk is how simple everything is: a quick soak, and then into the juicer (or blender) it goes, toss in a few dates for sweetness and voila, you have delicious, creamy milk.

I’d love to share the recipe with you now! First– as always, I want to touch on the ingredients we will be using (oats, dates) and their benefits!

Let Explore the Benefits


  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals (especially high in manganese and Vit B1)
  • High in Fiber, keeping you regular!
  • Very filling, fuller longer means potential of weight loss


  • Great natural sweetener
  • Great sources of energy
  • High in many vitamins and minerals– especially iron (no anemia here!)

What You Need

We (Erik and I) let our oats soak for 4 hours when we first made them. I have found that you really only need to soak them for about 30 minutes– if you do soak them overnight (or longer than an hour), I would rinse them and use fresh water to make the actual milk otherwise the consistency of the milk can be a bit gummy/thick.

I will be giving you the instructions on how to make oat milk in your juicer (if you have one) OR in a blender (if you don’t).

You will need:

  • Device of choice (juicer/blender)
  • Oats (rolled oats)
  • Dates (optional, but preferred)
  • Water

Variations of Oat milk to try:

  • Add Carob Powder or Cacao Powder for Chocolate Oat Milk
  • Maple Syrup as a Sweeter options to dates

The “Milking” Process

  • With a 1:3 ratio (oats-water), combine oats and water and soak for about 30 minutes.
    • For this particular recipe we did about 3 cups of oats and 9 cups of water. It made about 64oz of milk
  • Throw 2-3 dates into the mixture for the last 10 minutes
  • With a scoop, put equal parts oat/water into juicer
    • If using a blender, put all ingredients into blender and mix!
  • Feed juicer until all is gone, rinse the auger with additional water if oats clumped in there.
  • We ran our oat milk through a cheese cloth after (even with a juicer)
    • You will want to strain your milk with doubled up cheesecloth now
  • Pour into container or choice and enjoy
  • We shake ours up prior to use as the oat sediment does settle.
  • Super awesome in smoothies and/or with granola!

Switching to Alternative Milks

Switching to an alternative milk was an easy choice for me because I never liked the taste of cow or goat milk (from an early age). It always tasted sour, and if I did have it, the taste was masked by sugary cereals (again, early years).

With that said, I understand that most people are very accustomed to drinking cow’s milk. I only hope to inspire you to try alternative milks (nut, oat, rice, etc) not only for your health, but for the planet. I think you will be so surprised by the creaminess of it and will fall in love with the taste!

I can confidently say alternative milks have just as much, if not more nutritional value than that of a cow without causing any harm to you or an animal! There is a stigma that you won’t receive enough calcium if you don’t drink cow’s milk and trust me, you will get plenty of calcium from any alternative milk!

Do you have a specific alternative milk you would like to see made? Let me know in the comments below! I love to experiment in the kitchen and make it as simple as possible for you all to try!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy Oat Milking,


8 thoughts on “How to Make your Own Oat Milk”

  • Mmmmm… This looks so good. I’ll be the first to admit that i’m no master chef. To be honest, I’m a pretty bad home cook in general lol, but this looks like something I could even make. I try to eat as healthy as possible and obviously with summer coming up, I’m wanting to ramp that up. Thank you for the pics and easy to follow recipe! I’ll be trying it very soon 😛

    • That’s the awesome thing about this Corey– it is SUPER easy to make. Easy and fast! I hope you do try it, let me know what you think!


  • Sounds good. My wife and I like oatmeal, which I cook in a pressure cooker. I add a combination of milk and water and oats to the pressure cooker and cook for 8 minutes. Total time is about 30 minutes. Some would say that I overcook the oatmeal. But it comes out extra creamy. It is not a stretch of my imagination that oak milk would taste much different even without the dates added. My question is whether monkfruit sweetener could be added in lieu of the dates?

    • Glen!

      That sounds delicious! I love my Instant Pot for the same reason! You can absolutely substitute monk fruit sweetener in. You can try it without sweetener too, but I prefer mine with just a hint of sweetness and dates are a great source of potassium! To each their own, though and I am sure it will be delicious with the monk fruit sweetener.

      Let me know how you like it my friend.

      Thanks for sharing,


  • This is cool! I’m looking forward to trying it. Since switching to a plant-based diet a couple of years ago, I have been using unsweetened almond milk. I never tried to make my own because I assumed that my blender wouldn’t be up to the task. Plus, I’m just not that into prepping food.

    I don’t recall ever seeing references to oat milk. I have made my own oat flour, though, and always have plenty of oats around. This will be fun!

    Where should I look for cheesecloth? I do have a very fine strainer that might work but I don’t recall ever seeing cheesecloth in the stores.

    Thanks for sharing! Theresa

    • Hi Theresa!

      Yes it is so easy and oats are so soft any blender will get the job done! As for cheesecloth, try looking at your local feed supply store, maybe? If not you can always purchase some online here .. these are nice because they are reusable! You may not find these in any stores near you, but this is what I would recommend!

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know how you like it!


  • Hi Dear,

    It is an awesome gift you shared with me. Oats is my regular breakfast. I cook it and eat with nuts, fruits which I change often not to get bored. It is nutritious. 

    I will try as I can use your oats milk recipe for sure. 

    My niece makes oats puree with fruits by soaking oats overnight. She sips it few times a day to keep her satiated.

    Cow milk always comes with a catch. Hormone contamination, fat content, sugar amount. My dietitian recommended me substituting almond milk because I was diabetic.   

    Almond milk was quite expensive to buy and I learned to make it. I only have made a few times. I thought I could eat those almonds for the same benefits. 

    How many days you can use the oats milk once you made it! will be my only question. 

    • That all sounds so wonderful Anusuya!

      I agree cow milk just isn’t what our bodies need! 

      The oat milk lasts 7-10 days in the refrigerator. Same as most nut milks you would purchase in the store!

      Definitely let me know what you think of it when you make it– I think you are going to adore it!


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