About Me

About Me

Hey everybody! Ciara here, and I just want to say Welcome! Welcome to Wild Melon Wanderer, where you are encouraged to think outside of the box, get a little silly and hopefully become a happier, healthier YOU!

My Love Of Food Started..

when I was a very young girl. I thought of food constantly (and it showed, chubby younger years), but didn’t realize what was good for you or not until I was much older. I battled with an eating disorder for much of my life, “Dieting” since I was in 3rd grade, and never viewing my body positively. I never even thought of my relationship with food until I became so obsessed with what I was putting into my mouth 24/7.

Fast forward through the struggles of defining who I was, I finally discovered that there was a lifestyle that would allow freedom of food. It was simply a Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

**Disclaimer: I have never liked the taste of meat, and dairy rarely settled well with me so this was a fairly easy switch.

I cut out meat, dairy, processed foods and instead filled my tummy with raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and the occasional dark raw chocolate (can’t forget about chocolate!). It was a magnificent difference; in emotion, weight, skin, hormones–the list really goes on.

I have been vegan for about 5 years now and while I have dabbled back and forth between the raw vegan lifestyle and cooked, I have gained so much appreciation for whole unprocessed foods in my life. I also have accrued a collection of goodies (recipes) that I would love to share with you all.

Come wander down this path with me.

What I realized In This Lifestyle Change..

was that I had to become much more creative in the kitchen when I was feeling the itch for something “more”. While the raw vegan lifestyle is extremely simple, there are days when your body just craves something–that something can still be 100% vegan, and healthy– that’s where I come in!

I have experimented so much with different foods, and have made simple minute changes to convert my favorite meals into healthy, vegan creations. Don’t worry, I will show you!

Let Me Challenge You..

to try some of these recipes. They may even mimic some of your favorite comfort foods like pizza, mac n’ cheese, and the ultimate “burger”.

If you ever have any questions, or requests please feel free to comment on any of my posts or to email me (email can be found at bottom of page).

I look forward to hearing all about your favorite recipes!

The Warmest Wishes, and Freshest Melons,

Ciara (& my two scruffy boys– Boone & Crockett)


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